princess inflatable bouncy castle size 11ft x 15ft 9ft x 6" H

princess inflable bouncy caste

suitable for toddlers to teens but not at the same time

princess soft play

suited for the under 5.

Princess Package hires Maldon and Heybridge

The Ultimate Fun Package: Princess Package for hire in Maldon or Heybridge for Kids Under 14!

Looking for the perfect entertainment for your child's next birthday or special event in Maldon or Heybridge? Look no further! Our top-quality prince soft play and bouncy castle package are designed for children under the age of 14, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience for your little ones.

Transform any occasion into a memorable adventure with our vibrant and exciting princess themed bouncy castles. Our wide selection of inflatable play structures guarantees endless joy and laughter, providing a secure environment for kids to bounce, play, and create lasting memories.

Why Choose Our princess package in Maldon or Heybridge for children Under 14?

  1. Safety First:

  2. Our soft play and bouncy castles are designed with the safety of young children in mind. Featuring secure and reinforced structures, parents can rest easy while their children have a great day.

  3. Variety of Themes:

    • From princess packages to superhero adventures, we offer a diverse range of themed soft play and bouncy castle packages that cater to every child's imagination. Make their dreams come true with our exciting options!
  4. Affordable Fun:

    • We believe in making fun accessible. Our soft play and bouncy castle packages are not only entertaining but also budget-friendly, ensuring that every child can experience the joy of playing and bouncing without breaking the bank.
  5. Convenient Delivery and Setup:

    • Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our convenient delivery and setup services. We'll handle the logistics, so you can focus on creating wonderful memories with your children and friends.
  6. Perfect for all occasions:

  7. Whether it's a birthday party, family reunion, or community event, oursoft play and bouncy castle packages add an extra element of fun to any gathering. Watch as the kids' faces light up with excitement!

Ready to elevate your child's celebration to new heights? Contact us today to reserve one of our fantastic themed soft play and bouncy castle packages in Maldon or Heybridge. Let the bouncing begin, and let the good times roll for your kids.

clean and safe

All soft play and castle packages are inspected and meticulously cleaned after every hire, making sure they are safe and clean to go out on hire next time. If any item does not meet our expectations, we do not send it out on hire

 Soft Play and bouncy castle hire 


We offer our princess package in Maldon, Heybridge and nearby areas

We have a wide variety of themed packages featuring fantastic artwork, suitable for boys, girls, and mixed groups of all ages and sizes, from toddlers to teenagers.

Our packages would be an excellent addition to your special birthday party or event, whether it's indoors, outdoors in your garden, or in a hall. 

Your children and their friends will have a blast playing on our soft play and inflatables, making them perfect for any occasion.

Our inflatables all come with a built-in sun/shower cover and are suitable for children up to a maximum height of 1.2 metres, or 14 years old.

Value for money Our castles and soft play are available as a package, which will save you money if hired together.

Call today

we are available to answer questions or inquiries.

It is simple to reserve a  package  with us. Just give us a call, and we'll promptly check availability and make the booking for you via a call, text, or email.

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